The Pink Room - Huaz Khas Village

Lemon chicken
The Pink Room, a Resto-Bar in Hauz Khas Village. It offers multiple cuisine to its customer which includes Asian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish. Its Pink all over the place as the name suggest. The Lights, Chair, Sofas, Lamps and Menu. Their statement is "Pink is not just a color, its an attitude". It is a three floor restaurant bar along with a terrace. Not very big in size but still can occupy decent number of people. 

The Pink Room, Restaurant, hauz khaz village
There is a sitting for around 10-12 person on the first section of the place and the other section of the first floor, you will have the Bar with quite a big Television Screen on its left and again sitting for 10-12 person on the right side. The Interiors have definitely something to talk about, nice cozy with pink effects all over, i liked the steel bucket' lamps with Pink color inside and white from outside, i really loved that and wouldn't mind trying out someday.

The Pink Room, Restaurant, hauz khaz village

The Pink Room, restaurant, hauz khas

And now taking the stairs upwards to get into the second floor, they have their DJ playing with the music and Sitting for around 20-25 people. One of the staff member told me about the terrace and straight away i preferred to sit over there and to my fortune the climate was also at its best ;) 

paintings, wall painting
the pink room, restaurant bar, hauz khas village

The Pink room

peach, starwberry, smoothie Now time to review the food. We ordered Pink Room Special Lemon Chicken (Rs.295/-), Honey Sweet Chilli Potato (Rs.255/-), Peach & Strawberry Smoothie (Rs.175/-) and 2 Pint (Kingfisher). My wife liked the smoothie, it was quite refreshing. They really offers wide variety of Smoothies to choose. Lemon chicken was well served in terms of quantity, but eventually not good with its taste. It was not tangy and juicy as we've expected it to be. Chicken pieces were not tender rather chewy and it really had something missing in it. Honey Sweet Potatoes were good enough though, but still not the best..

Lemon chicken
Honey potato

I must admit the prices here are on the higher size as compared to the taste and quality, but its certainly a good place to visit along with friends and your partner because of its nice and cozy ambiance. Though I personally liked their terrace area, it has a fountain wall and water mist sprayer. Very Good Service, Someone is always there to help you and food has been served in good timely manner irrespective of increase in number of guests.
                                         A lot different from what you have seen in  most places

                                             Me and Ajay, the person who served our Food

Indeed we had the fOOD which didn't changes our mOOD!!
Now, time to rate Pink Room, Hauz Khas Village.

Food: Average
Ambiance:  Very Nice
Rating: 6/10
Next Visit: Don't think So
Recommend this place: Yes
Tips: Go for a seat either on the terrace or near the bar, happy hours till 9PM.

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