Bar Etiquettes: 5 Things to remember When You Behave with A Bartender.

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    1. Try to be polite and courteous while interacting with your bar tender can make your bar experience better. Avoid using words like "hey", "give me" and "let me get" rather using these words like "Could I please have?" or "I think I'll try"are nice. I would prefer to call my bartender with his/her name saying "Mike, Please..". Waving the glass in his/her face or shouting for drink is not cool at all and tends to avoid that. A friendly talk would make the friendly surroundings friendlier.

    2. Many customer like to try the specialty drink of the bar, If you really enjoy a drink, ask the bartender what's in it so that you can request it from another place. Having said that, do not over complain about a drink if it is not good and bartender is surely not the right person to complain to. You’re right guy is the manager. 

    3. Tipping your bartender is nice, but you need to keep it justified. I understand the idea of tipping Rs50 or 100 per drink, but if you do the same when you're ordering a round of cocktails and mixed drinks for your group of friends, you can expect to be served last. Having said that, keep the tip reasonable or not tip at all.

    4. Avoid messing with furniture out there, like rearranging them and throwing coats and bags over the bar. Maintain decorum around you. If you need any help related to your belongings just asked the bartender first and before you get sloshed-off. Once you are drunk and so are your friends, it’s the bartender who might help you.

    5. Don't take your bartender as uneducated or dumb, they are holding some degree and might doing this to earn extra money. Avoid hitting on your bartender because that won't help you in getting free drinks or some discount. It might put the bartender in a position to refuse you for a drink or complain to bar authorities.

    I would like to conclude that we need to remember that if we are civilized we have to show the civilized behavior with everybody around not only in meeting rooms.
    Please share your own experiences with bartenders or others who were extremely well behaved in a bar or extremely uncivilized.

    Disclaimer: Above mentioned tips are my own experience but inspiration came from: Refinery29

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