Eden Kitchen and Bar at Shopprix Mall, Noida

Eden Kitchen & Bar offers Chinese, North Indian, Lebanese, Mediterranean cuisines. This restaurant is in Shoprix Mall, Noida Sec 61.  It could be be one of the decent options to have dinner or lunch with family and friends if you are in/around NOIDA. Lately, I had a chance to visit Eden Kitchen and Bar for dinner with my wife on our marriage annivesary.

Eden Kithcen and Bar Interiors

Both of us were craving to have Chicken Chettinad (a South Indian delicacy) and we decided to to go that same place where we had it first. We went to Shopprix Mall (Noida Sec 61) but didn't find the same restaurant. Eden is a new restaurant here which is comparatively more spacious (two floors) than the previous restaurant we visited. As the first floor was packed, we were offered a table on the other floor. I would say that they have done a pretty good job with the interiors, not able to recall anything which left us amazed, but still can be considered as well-thought-of interior design.

Eden Kithcen and Bar Tomato Garlic Fish and Chicken Cheddinad

After making ourselves comfortable, we started looking at the Menu Card and were struggling to find something different and tempting, we decided to try something Lebanese but later been informed that it is not available. Finally, we settled for Tomato Garlic Fish, which was good in quantity and tasted just like a typical sweet and sour Chinese dish with a pinch of garlic and coriander on it. We found it satisfactory enough, possibly because we were simply famished. Fortunately, we got to have Chicken Chettinad and indeed accomplished our plan. Chicken Chettinad was definitely not that fine like we had in past, but still was good enough to try it with Plain Rice. 

Service was very ordinary and not something that was commendable. Rather, I did not like that restaurant was not busy at all, but waiters were not prompt and fast in attending tables. A professional and welcoming restaurants' staff should be friendly (that Eden's staff was) and attentive (that they were not). They were pretty chilled out even after finding their customers looking around for someone to take order.

I would recommend this restaurant only because of the quality of food which wasn't extra-ordinary but it was flavorsome and we liked the taste, nothing that made our taste-buds feel bad.

In short, we had the fOOd that slightly changed our mOOd.

Time To Rate This Place

Food: Good
Ambiance: Simple and Soothing, dimly lit surrounding.
Service : 15-20 minutes
Rating: 2.5/5
Next Visit: Probably not!
Recommend this place:  Only if you are around sec 61 and looking for a place to eat with decent food quality.

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