Delhi Street Food Festival 2014

One of the very much awaited food festival/event for Delhi foodies happened at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium. Around 200 Food stalls has participated in the Food Festival. Cuisinier from all over India has came and conveyed their specialties in this Fest. It appeared to be a perfect food amusement event to me. With a hope to explore so much varieties and taste as much as possible, We visited the Food Festival on the last day. I expected it to be over crowded because of the fact that it was a public holiday and bought the tickets and food coupons online at  http://www.nasvinet.org The ticket price was Rs.50 per adult and a coupon worth Rs. 10, buy as much as you can eat :)

Below were some of the few food items we tried, but there were much more which were sadly missed out but I manage to capture most of them. Now, articulating about the whole experience of the Street Food Fest, it was somehow a disappointing and flavorless food venture for me. Quality was not that good and the prices were also not justified by the quantity and popularity of any food item. The intentions of the food vendors were more into earning money and finish their stock rather providing best possible flavors and quality to the consumers.

street food festival
Street Food Festival, an inside view of this event at
Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium

The service and approach of most of the food vendors were not kind and generous. Another important thing to mention here is the overall ambiance of the food event. I would have expected it to be more artistic and colorful which depicts the diversity and culture of all different states we have in India. Though this event was all about the street food but we neither found it hygienic nor healthful at all.

Check out below pictures for their looks and taste reviews:
Bhaji Kachori at a Chaat Stall name Subeh-A-Banaras. It was mutter Paneer Sabji with stuffed urad dal pooris. The bhaaji was nice but low on salt, poories were crispy and nice. Very Ordinary in taste but would called it a decent start. Cost Rs.50 for 2 poori style kachoris and a small bowl of Sabji. The quantity was fine according to its price.
Jalebis to follow with Kachori Bhaaji, was something above average made of desi ghee and looks like emartees. Cost Rs. 30 per piece.
Batata Vada Pav - This is one of the favorite item and was on our list to t
ry. A simple and quick snack of Maharashra, a paav/bread stuffed with Aaloo Pakora and served along with green chilies and a red chaat masaala (which was unfortunately not available that day) 
Ragra Patties -  Heard of ragra patties before but its the first time I tried it. its a mixture/chaat of aaloo tikki, matar (cholle kulche) with chutneys on the top and sprinkled with dhania leaves. It was just an ordinary chaat with above combination. It costs Rs. 80 and expensive as per the quantity and quality.
Hyderabadi Biryani - This was the first thing came in my mind when heard about this fest. Regrettably, it was not satisfactory outcome. The biryani was quite ordinary and do not find it appealing at all. It was just like a Pulao with chicken in it. Cost Rs. 120 for a small plate with 1 piece of chicken. The above stall was managed by a group of ladies and believe me they were the most kind and active food vendors we met in this event
Mutton Nihari with Multi grain Roti - looks delicious but the taste was not compelling. It had a strong flavor of cloves which overpowered the taste of nihari and made it little bitter. Cost Rs. 140 for above quantity.
Mirch Pakora - It was at a Raasthani stall. A Green chilli layered with Corn Flour and fried. I quite liked it, was not appealing from the looks though. Cost Rs. 40
Chaina Mishti at West Bengal Stall - It tasted of cheap oil and lots of sugar, no other flavor. Completely out of taste and when we shared it with the seller he didn't replied. Cost Rs. 40 for a single piece and that too made of cheap oil
Boondi at West Bengal Stall - Same taste as chaina mishti, nothing different. Most disappointing mishti we ever had.
Dabeli - at a gujrat stall, aaloo tickki stuffed in a paav and served with chutnis. Again nothing special, just another chaat which was presented differently. Cost Rs. 60
deep fried, fish, dry fish, pakoras, street food festival
Fish Pakoras - Rohu Fish and dry fish on the left.

dry fish, street food festival
Dry Fish

Street Food Festival
Vegetable Pulao

Street Food Festival
Paav Bhaaji

pizza dosa
Pizza Dosa

Delhi street food festival 2014

Delhi street food festival 2014
Palappam with Chicken Stew at Kerela Stall
Delhi street food festival 2014
Paddu at Karnataka Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Mandi Kachori at Himachal Pradesh Store

Delhi street food festival 2014
Sepa Badi with Rice at Himachal Pradesh Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Jhinga Fry

Delhi street food festival 2014
Desi Murga with bhaat at Jharkhand

Delhi street food festival 2014
Grilled Sandwich - vegetable

Delhi street food festival 2014
Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebabs at Delhi Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Chicken Curry and Chicken Korma at Delhi Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Bhature at delhi Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Fried Chicken with Gravy

Delhi street food festival 2014
Daal Laddo

Delhi street food festival 2014
Gajar Ka Halwa

Delhi street food festival 2014
Delhi street food festival 2014
Gulab Jamun

Delhi street food festival 2014

Delhi street food festival 2014
Galoti Kebab at Lucknow Stall

Paan - It was outside the Street Food Festival and was the most refreshing thing we had that day.


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