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Brittos, Baga Beach, Goa @2013 

beef, brittos

Brittos a famous name when you talk about the good restaurants near Baga Beach, Goa. I heard about this place 2 years back during my first visit to Goa, but unfortunately was not able to make it then. This time i had it in my mind to visit brittos once, and it happened this time. I am back to delhi carrying lots of bad and good memories along with me and Brittos comes in the later part.
                                                                 It was my last day in Goa and we were out to have our first meal of the day. Following my suggestion to brittos, we all decided to have food out there. Soon i enetered this place i got a smile on my face..don;t know why but it was a feel good factor the moment you entered Brittos. You can see the Bar on your left when you enter Brittos and start your day having your energy drink. The next thing you will notice is the Home Made Dessert starting from blueberry, chocolate walnut, lemon pie to tiramisu and much more.

Home Made Desserts, Brittos, North Goa, Mousse, Lemon Pie

Brittos is comparitevely big then other Shacks/Restuarants on the beach side. They have pretty good sitting space. The Interiors are really attractive and you would like noticing every small thing that comes in your way. They have a small outfits shop and a tattoo studio as well, which certainly add more to your excitement. The other section is towards the beach, you can easily have some spendind views from that part. We opted to sit on that section simply because of  beach view.

Brittos, baga beach, goa, north goa

Brittos, baga beach

Brittos has good number of staff and one of them straight away will come and stand near your table. One thing amused me was the Menu. It doesn't have most of the dishes mentioned in it though you can check that from the waiter and order it. But still looks very strange and cannot be expected in a restaurant like Brittos. Good thing was that we still got what we asked irrespective of the Menu.
                                                           Now talking about the service and food from here, it was simply fabulous and impressive. We started getting the food we ordered in no time or rather say very quickly ;) Every dish we had was well served and amazingly cooked. I personally loved and enjoyed whatever i ordered and i can bet that it would be same for rest of their dishes. Food quality and taste are of well standard..hats off to brittos for mainting the standard as per its name and fame. I missed another meeting with Brittos as i had to check out for other Restaurants also, but i simply regret of not able to visit this place again for dinner. But next time, i will go to Brittos for sure!

coffee, brittos

                                                           Hot Capechhino (Amazing)

shakes, chocolate shake, Dates Shake

Chocolate shake and Dates Shake

pancake, honey

Strawberry and chocolate Pancake

Salad, brittos, fruit salad

Russian Salad

omlette, egg, brittos


eggs, half fry, brittos

Egg Half Fry

beef, brittos

Roasted Beef with Salad

blueberry, mango, truffle, coffee

Hand Made Delicious Desserts from Mr Brittos for us (Blueberry, Mango, Cofee and Truffle)

baga beach, goa

sea food, baga beach, goa, brittos

fish, sea food, goa, baga beach, brittos

prawns, baga beach, brittos, goa

sea food, crab, brittos, goa, baga beach

bar, brittos, baga beach

 They don't accept cards

Indeed we had fOOD which certainly made our mOOD!!Now, time to rate Brittos!!

Food: Very Good
Ambiance: Very Nice
Rating: 7/10
Next Visit: Glad to Visit Soon.
Recommend this place: Super Yes


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  1. I loved Brittos too!!