Whenever we are out and traveling, one of the important thing which thrilled us is the food. I have been to Mussoorie multiple times but always craved for a place to have good quality Indian food. There is an eating joint right on the Mall Road named "My Shop" an overcrowded place and you have to wait for long to get a table and have food. Apart from this place I do not remember a single restaurant to eat good quality lunch and dinner. On my Last visit, I happened to find this newly opened restaurant "The Urban Turban" which is on the mall road opposite Canara Bank.  

The restaurant has brilliant interiors and the ambiance is quite remarkable. Its very appealing and makes it splendid place to enjoy food. Out of my curiosity, I asked the owner of the restaurant about the interiors and he replied that he himself have designed and are using furniture from nearby place.



The best part is the variety of food they Offer. We ordered Chicken Curry, Paneer Lababdar with Rice and Laccha Parantha and believe me the food was absolutely delectable. It was not boring and you can definitely feel the difference of taste between the different options you have ordered. Most of the time the gravy taste similar, but here they have maintained a good quality of food and taking care of the legitimacy of food as well. The quantity is good enough and the taste is flavorsome. The service is again something which they deserve another appreciation. It was quick and prompt. I found the servers quite interactive and friendly.

Owner and the Brain behind this Restuarant

Time to Rate this Place:
Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Disclaimer: All Pictures and content in this article are original. This review is not based on any Invitation from the Restaurant.
Old Delhi is still seems to be one of the favorite place for food freaks. One can visit any day here and enjoy tremendous variety of savories. Some of the famous eatery joints belongs to this place. Ordinarily, you would find this place full of crowd and busy, but there is something contrasting here during Ramadan days. I have seen and heard a lot about  the Food walks by various Foodies during these days. Keeping that excitement with me and out of curiosity I happened to visit here along with my friend to relish the non-vegetarian delicacies and felt it to be little over hauled in Ramadan Days. I must give credit to many food bloggers of sharing their feast's experience during Ramadan days, which might looks appealing and attractive to many foodies. You will find numbers of outstanding eatery joints but still unknown to most of us. To name few of them which I visited this Ramadan are Haji Mohd Hussain, famous of Fried Chicken,  Aslams Chicken for Cream chicken tikka, Cool Point for Shahi Tukda, Pahalwaan Biryani for chicken and buff biryani, Taufeeq Biryani for Buff Biryani. There are many more eateries but these are some of the selective places, listed on almost most of the food blogs and websites.

My first Iftaar food walk at Jama Masjid, Old Delhi proved to be an admirable and satisfactory experience, however you can enjoy the food here at any part of the year, but the decoration and festive excitement of Ramadan makes it all together a different experience. I thoroughly loved everything I had here starting from chicken dry, biryanis to local sweet savories.  

iftaar food walk

We started our food walk and took first halt at Lalu kebabs, unfortunately kebabs were finished that time, so I tried buff boti Kebab. It was nicely marinated and juicy served with chutney and onion rings but was undercooked. It was overall nice but should be properly cooked.

iftaar food walkMoving forward, we noticed a crowded place, people were waiting for their turn to order the food. The place looks to be famous for the chicken fry as 3-4 people were engaged starting from marinating the chicken then frying it on one big vessel and then other person cutting it into pieces and again putting it in another big vessel for another round of frying and then finally the last man sprinkles the chaat masala and serves it with onion and chutney to you. We opted for chicken fry quarter for Rs. 90 and because the sitting was already occupied, thus decided to stand next to the shop and had this hot and spicy chicken fry delicacy. Believe me guys, it was one of the best chicken fry I ever had in my life. Everything related to it was perfect, properly marinated, juicy, crunchy and super spicy. And the best thing was the chicken was amazingly cooked, it was so soft that we didn't find issues eating it while standing and holding the plate on one hand on a secluded lane.

After finishing it, we looked back and noticed a place name Cool point and decided to try Shahi Tukda price rs. 30 per plate a sweet dish made of bread, Loads of butter, almonds and cashewnuts . Though it  was served hot, but the sweetness and taste was simply divine. This is the first time we had this sweet dish and found it really worth trying it. Later, we also tried Phirni Rs.20 at this place but was not convinced at all with the taste. It was not something which can blew your mind. I was looking for the phirni served with hot milk, but unfortunately didn't find it anywhere.

iftaar food walk

iftaar food walk

iftaar food walkMoving forward to try something new and different, we landed to Aslam Chicken corner, again full crowded and hard to find a place to sit and even order for take away. From the setup outside the shop, this place looks to be good in serving the chicken tikkas and we ordered a quarter plate of chicken tikkas. It comes out as a all together different item. They used to fry the chicken first and then cut it into small pieces and place into iron rods for charcoal grill. After roasting, they put plenty of cream and Amul butter into it and serves along with raita and onion rings. The flavor and taste of it turned out to be a complete surprise to us. The masala sprinkled, cream and butter once got mixed, makes it a delight to eat. But make sure you order rumali roti along with it. Then only you can enjoy the butter and cream of the chicken. Another fine thing to be remembered for long time.
iftaar food walk

iftaar food walkYou cannot forget the variety  of biryani here and keeping that in mind, we started hunting for best biryanis at Matia mahal. Pehalwaan Biryani is one re known name for biryanis, they offer both chicken and buff biryani. We tried the chicken biryani  for Rs 70 per plate here and didn't find it upto the mark or say as per the popularity of pehalwan biryani. I must highlight the chicken in the biryani which was very tender and can be easily cut from the spoon, but overall it failed to impress and fascinate us.

iftaar food walk

iftaar food walkWhile searching for Pehalwan Biryaniwale, we came to know about the popularity of taufeeq's biryani and hence decided to try it once. After having tough time finding the place,  known to be as Dil Pasand Biryani Point. They only offers Buff biryani and we were not in the mood to try it and opted to skip it at the end. But manage to click its picture for reference. One more thing to higlight that this place was crowded however we didn't saw anybody aprt from us eating in Pehalwan's biryani point. So, as per me no place here who sells exceptional biryani.

iftaar food walk
After eating so much chicken varieties and sweets. We were craving for mutton and wanted to try it somewhere other than Karim's and Al-Jawahar. The reason for that was we already tried these twp places many times in the past and wanted to keep this food walk completely distinctive from past experiences. There is a small food point next to Al-Jawahar, its name was Old Jawahar hotel. We went inside and ordered Mutton Korma and Tandoori roti Cost Rs. 160. To be honest, there is nothing worth mentioning about it because it didn't click our taste buds. Mutton was perfectly cooked, but the curry's taste was bland and not tempting at all. It might be because by this time we both were over stuffed and bit tired, but still that's the quality of good food which changes your mood and it was not like that in any ways.
Old Jawahar, iftaar food walk

iftaar food walk

You would notice a variety of food while roaming on the streets, some would attract you or some may not. Best thing is to take things in small portions so that you can try/taste many options. Last thing to mention was the Watermelon and Apple shake. You would find it at one corner of Matia Mahal. The glass cost Rs15 and it is definitely worth trying, very refreshing and chilled, necessary when you are walking so much and that too at a busy and hot n humid day.

iftaar food walk
water melon shake
ramadan, apple, watermelon shake
Seller- Water melon/Apple shake

atmosphere, ramadan, jama masjid


  • Try to visit after 10 PM to avoid rush.
  • You can park your car 500 mtrs before JamaMasjid gateno.4
  • Take food in small proportions, then only you can afford to taste many options
  • Haji Mohd. hussain's Fried chicken and Aslams's cream chicken is a must try.
  • Take care of your belongings and do not get so much involved in the food.

Honey Chilli Potatoes, Pearls Regency
Pearls Regency, Noida Sec 37
With growing numbers of Restaurant and Food Cafe these days, you find it very difficult to stick to one restaurant only. You have numerous options available and most of us wants to try out new places for dinning. There are few restaurants and dining places which you don't want to miss whenever you get a chance and for me Pearls Regency Restaurant is that place. It offers a complete atmosphere for a fine dinning experience. Delicious food, fabulous ambiance accompanied with soothing music are the three most important or might be the only factors matters the most in order to choose a Restaurant. Pearls Regency at Noida Sec37 is one of them. They serves some of the delicious and finest food in Noida. And the USP of this place is the Live Music (Ghazal Singing)

The Restaurant has two section and both are appropriately spacious. They Serves North Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisines. The interiors are quite pretty and aesthetic, satisfying to senses. You will get the memory of childhood days when the interiors were very artistic and were not that contemporary. If you want to enjoy your food along with the Live Ghazals than you must sit in the first section just after the entrance. Other Section is little secluded but preferable for those who wants a quite dinning experience. They have a attached terrace next to the second section and can be employed as smoking zone.


Pearls Regency
First Section with Live Music
Pearls Regency
Second Section
Pearls Regency
Live Ghazals
Pearls Regency

Pearls Regency

Food & Service:

Food is the main attraction of this place. I always compare the taste of Pearls Regency from other places. I am going here for last 6-7 years now and everything here still feels the same. They have not compromised with the quality of the food and that is the reason you will hardly find this place vacant.
My choice of food that day was Chinese cuisine and thus ordered Honey Chilli Potatoes, Chicken Drumsticks, Chilli Chicken Dry and Garlic Hakka Noodles. Food is served in such a tempting and beautiful way which straight away confirms that you will be having good dinner tonight. The Service is fairly quick and spot on. The moment you enter the restaurant, you would be escorted by their staff person, helping to find the suitable place/table for you. They offers variety of dishes in their menu starting from starters to main-course. To get into more details about the food, you will never get disappointed with the quantity of the food here. They really serves appropriate portion of food and justifies the price for them. Now the quantity doesn't matter if the food is not savory and they will never deceive you in this part as well. This restaurant is very close to my heart and have always loved and enjoyed the food here. Honey Chilli Potatoes were crispy and perfectly garnished with Spring onions on top of it. It was properly marinated with the sauces and was very flavorful. Chicken Drumsticks were falsely ordered instead of my favorite Drums of heaven, it was well coated and crumbly yet juicy from inside. Chilli Chicken and Garlic noodles were again splendid and gratifying in terms of every flavors.

Honey Chilli Potatoes, Pearls Regency
Honey Chilli Potato
Pearls Regency
Chicken Drumsticks
Pearls Regency
Hakka Noodles
Pearls Regency
Chilli Chicken Dry

Time to Rate this Place:

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Tips: Reservation recommended.

A delicious Feast after Fasting fills more excitement and energy in you and adds-up to a delightful day. The good thing is that nowadays many restaurants are offering special food for Fast (Vrat) and  this led me to explore some popular Eating Joints' thalis (platter) during Navratra.
First platter I ate was at Haldiram's . Earlier my plan was to visit Bikanervala and then Niruala's. But I was disappointed to know the fact that Bikanervala at Sahibabad was not offering Navratra thalis yesterday for some reason, hence I decided to visit Bikanervala at Sector 63, NOIDA which has now been shut-down (another disappointment). But as they say "whatever happens, happens for the best" we settled for Naivedyam's Navratri Thali
I like South Indian food, but never thought of Navratra Food in their menu. The Thali here comprises of Rava Kuttu Dosa stuffed with mashed potato and tomato, two Idlis, dahi bhalla, Samak Rice, Coconut Chutney, Peanuts Chutney, Vegetables subzi in coconut gravy, Sabudana Papad and Firni and two fried chillis stuffed with salt added to it. We honestly loved every single bit of each item in this thali, though found the firni was little bit undercooked. An all together different flavoured Navratra Meal, I must admit that it is the best meal I had so far.
The Special Thali here cost around Rs. 300 Including Tax and unexpectedly surprised me with the flavors and taste.
Thali, Navratra, Fasting meals, Vrat
Navratra Special Thali
Navratras has started and it is the time when lots of people do Fasting/Vrat. The food during these days of Navratras are all together different, made up of Kuttu, Singhara, Samak, SabuDana and many more. Nowadays, many restaurants like Haldiram, Bikanervala, Sattvik, Govindas offers variety of Navratras Food and truly gives an opportunity to make your fasting days more special.

haldirams, navratras, thali
Navratras Special Thali at HALDIRAM's

My Navratra's Feast has started at Haldiram's. They have their All-New Navratras Menu for this season listing Navratra Aloo Chaat, Sabudana Bites, Kurkuri Arbi Chaat, Samak Ke Tikke, Navratra Paneer Wrap, Tadoori Platter and Navratra Special Thali. I tried the Special Thali which cost me Rs. 300 Including Tax. It has Arbi ki Sabzi, Shahi Paneer, Aloo Ki Sabzi, Samak Rice, 2 Singhara Parantha, Vegetable Raita and Ras Malai as a sweet dish. I found it good in terms of taste, but doesn't like the way they served the food which completely looks different from their Special Thali Pictures. Quantity of the food is also somewhere not satisfactory for me, but I still have to check out other places to give the final comments on this. Need to mention that I really like Arbi ki Sabzi and Singhara Parantha the most from this Thali.

I heard a lot about this place and unfortunately skipped it in the last two visits. But, this time we planned to visit Chowki Dhaani and experience the very much celebrated village, known to be popular for their food and hospitality. Chowki Dhani offers pure traditional and authentic Rajasthani food. You'll have two options to choose from, one was for Rs.700 and other was a Royal Thali worth Rs.900 per person. The only difference was that later will be served giving you some royal treatment and providing you a sitting in a closed separate restaurant and serving additional food like Paneer, Mix Vegetables and couple of more. But to me if you intend to try out basic Rajasthani food only, then take Thali for worth Rs. 700. It's an area turned into a village spreaded across acres of land, which is full of traditional amenities and culture. The emotions behind the theme is simply to present the Rajasthani culture and showcase their majestic traditions in terms of folk and the food.

Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani
Some of the food items you will get in chowki dhaani. There is lots more, couldn't accommodate everything on a single plate.

Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani
Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani

Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani

Welcome Drink, It is a salty drink made up of butter milk. You will get three different places to go and have your food. One with chairs and tables and the other two has floor sittings typically seen in villages. All of them are open air except the one for Royal Thali. 
                                                 This was the one with Chairs and Tables, you need to give coupons to get an empty thali and then you can walk over to have food of your choices. Basically a buffet system. You will find waiters holding big trays with bowls of rice and other food items, so need not to worry when refilling of food will be required.
                                  Now this is the place if you are in the mood to enjoy your food while sitting on the floor. The good part is that you will be sitting and eating here, no self service here, just sit down and let them serve you the food and trust me they are superb in this format. Padharo maare desh.

Chowki Dhaani, Salad
Vegetable Salad, don't go for it as it will only occupy unwanted space in your thali.

Green Pudina and coriander Chutney
chowki dhaani, food
Rajasthani Food, Chowki Dhaani
Gatta Curry Sabzi, amongst the popular food item in Rajasthan..made up of Corn flour.

Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani
Steam Rice
Starting from the left - Chana Daal, Gutta Curry, Baati Churma, Kadhi, Gutta Curry again and Makki ki Roti.
You will get plenty of food variety in chowki dhaani. The buffet includes Daal Baati Choorma, Sarso ka Saag, Gutta Curry, Kadhi, Aaloo pyaaz sabzi, khichri with boora (brown sugar powder) and deshi  ghee, Rice, Maaki ki Roti, Baajre ki Roti, Aate ki Roti, Aachar, Chutney, Vegetable Salad and in the desserts you will have halwa. All above food items are amazingly delicious and each bite of them is divine. If you have really tasted food in the villages and are aware of the simplicity and purity of the food, then you might feel or taste the same. To me each same sip or bite of it was divine. We didn't eat anything for the whole day just to keep ours belly empty to eat all the delicacies in chowki Dhaani and we simply loved everything about the food. I couldn't stop my self sipping the daal, kadhi and gatta curry subzi. Halwa was incredibly delicious made up of moong daal, nariyal and pure desi ghee. It was like a complete food fair for me where we enjoyed the aromatic and lip smacking flovors of the Rajasthani Food.


Food: Excellent
Ambiance: very soothing and dim lights, Open Air.
Service : Excellent
Rating: 4.5/5
Next Visit: Will be visiting again soon
Recommend this place: Yes, for authentic rajasthani food and enjoy the Folk music and dance.
Tips: Opt the place with floor seating, if want to enjoy the food in a traditional village style.

To View pictures of Chowki Dhaani other than food, If interested visit my below blog for Photography:


One of the very much awaited food festival/event for Delhi foodies happened at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium. Around 200 Food stalls has participated in the Food Festival. Cuisinier from all over India has came and conveyed their specialties in this Fest. It appeared to be a perfect food amusement event to me. With a hope to explore so much varieties and taste as much as possible, We visited the Food Festival on the last day. I expected it to be over crowded because of the fact that it was a public holiday and bought the tickets and food coupons online at  http://www.nasvinet.org The ticket price was Rs.50 per adult and a coupon worth Rs. 10, buy as much as you can eat :)

Below were some of the few food items we tried, but there were much more which were sadly missed out but I manage to capture most of them. Now, articulating about the whole experience of the Street Food Fest, it was somehow a disappointing and flavorless food venture for me. Quality was not that good and the prices were also not justified by the quantity and popularity of any food item. The intentions of the food vendors were more into earning money and finish their stock rather providing best possible flavors and quality to the consumers.

street food festival
Street Food Festival, an inside view of this event at
Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium

The service and approach of most of the food vendors were not kind and generous. Another important thing to mention here is the overall ambiance of the food event. I would have expected it to be more artistic and colorful which depicts the diversity and culture of all different states we have in India. Though this event was all about the street food but we neither found it hygienic nor healthful at all.

Check out below pictures for their looks and taste reviews:
Bhaji Kachori at a Chaat Stall name Subeh-A-Banaras. It was mutter Paneer Sabji with stuffed urad dal pooris. The bhaaji was nice but low on salt, poories were crispy and nice. Very Ordinary in taste but would called it a decent start. Cost Rs.50 for 2 poori style kachoris and a small bowl of Sabji. The quantity was fine according to its price.
Jalebis to follow with Kachori Bhaaji, was something above average made of desi ghee and looks like emartees. Cost Rs. 30 per piece.
Batata Vada Pav - This is one of the favorite item and was on our list to t
ry. A simple and quick snack of Maharashra, a paav/bread stuffed with Aaloo Pakora and served along with green chilies and a red chaat masaala (which was unfortunately not available that day) 
Ragra Patties -  Heard of ragra patties before but its the first time I tried it. its a mixture/chaat of aaloo tikki, matar (cholle kulche) with chutneys on the top and sprinkled with dhania leaves. It was just an ordinary chaat with above combination. It costs Rs. 80 and expensive as per the quantity and quality.
Hyderabadi Biryani - This was the first thing came in my mind when heard about this fest. Regrettably, it was not satisfactory outcome. The biryani was quite ordinary and do not find it appealing at all. It was just like a Pulao with chicken in it. Cost Rs. 120 for a small plate with 1 piece of chicken. The above stall was managed by a group of ladies and believe me they were the most kind and active food vendors we met in this event
Mutton Nihari with Multi grain Roti - looks delicious but the taste was not compelling. It had a strong flavor of cloves which overpowered the taste of nihari and made it little bitter. Cost Rs. 140 for above quantity.
Mirch Pakora - It was at a Raasthani stall. A Green chilli layered with Corn Flour and fried. I quite liked it, was not appealing from the looks though. Cost Rs. 40
Chaina Mishti at West Bengal Stall - It tasted of cheap oil and lots of sugar, no other flavor. Completely out of taste and when we shared it with the seller he didn't replied. Cost Rs. 40 for a single piece and that too made of cheap oil
Boondi at West Bengal Stall - Same taste as chaina mishti, nothing different. Most disappointing mishti we ever had.
Dabeli - at a gujrat stall, aaloo tickki stuffed in a paav and served with chutnis. Again nothing special, just another chaat which was presented differently. Cost Rs. 60
deep fried, fish, dry fish, pakoras, street food festival
Fish Pakoras - Rohu Fish and dry fish on the left.

dry fish, street food festival
Dry Fish

Street Food Festival
Vegetable Pulao

Street Food Festival
Paav Bhaaji

pizza dosa
Pizza Dosa

Delhi street food festival 2014

Delhi street food festival 2014
Palappam with Chicken Stew at Kerela Stall
Delhi street food festival 2014
Paddu at Karnataka Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Mandi Kachori at Himachal Pradesh Store

Delhi street food festival 2014
Sepa Badi with Rice at Himachal Pradesh Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Jhinga Fry

Delhi street food festival 2014
Desi Murga with bhaat at Jharkhand

Delhi street food festival 2014
Grilled Sandwich - vegetable

Delhi street food festival 2014
Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebabs at Delhi Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Chicken Curry and Chicken Korma at Delhi Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Bhature at delhi Stall

Delhi street food festival 2014
Fried Chicken with Gravy

Delhi street food festival 2014
Daal Laddo

Delhi street food festival 2014
Gajar Ka Halwa

Delhi street food festival 2014
Delhi street food festival 2014
Gulab Jamun

Delhi street food festival 2014

Delhi street food festival 2014
Galoti Kebab at Lucknow Stall

Paan - It was outside the Street Food Festival and was the most refreshing thing we had that day.


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