New Delhi Palate Fest 2014 happened to be showcased at Nehru Park, Chanakya puri. When it comes about Food Festivals we do not recall such grand events in the past. Palate Fest 2014 was a buffet of food outlets, cookery workshops, food-tasting, events and live performances. With more than 30 restaurants like Dakshin, Khan chacha, Punjabi by Nature, Olive Bar and Kitchen, Taj Vivanta, The Leela Palace, The Park, The Oberois, Sakae Sushi, The Hungry Monkey, Sodabottleopenerwala, Guppy by Ai and many more participated in the Palate Fest 2014, it was definitely an opportunity for food enthusiasts  to explore variety of international cuisines. It was claimed to be first of its kind of international level food festival held in New Delhi, India. When it comes about food, Delhi has the taste of all and gives you the option of choosing from the wide variety of cuisines, regional and international food. Palate Fest 2014 motive was to give an opportunity to all food enthusiasts to come and enjoy every bit of all famous and delicious cuisines available at one place and that too for 3 days.

nehru park, delhi, food festival, food
Food Outlets on the on the beds of green grass

Friday 28th was absolutely fantastic in terms of experience as it was the first day and didn't report many visitors. I was there on the first day and fortunately got ample time to chat with one of the finest and emerging chefs in Delhi and talked about their restaurants, specialties and shared their belief on  the cuisine which will be popular in near future. The first bite we had in the Palate fest was California Crab Roll (includes real crabmeat, creamy avocado and crunchy cucumber rolled inside-out on a bed of sushi rice) at Sakae Sushi. Me and my wife are not very keen of Japanese food, this is probably why it did not hit our palates in a good way. However, I am confident that we should try different dhes from Japanese cuisine more because world is not mad after it for no reason!!  Later on during our conversation with the Owner of Sakae Sushi Mrs Chandrima Aggarwal we got to know about her passion about the Japanese food and how she started her food venture.  Following on we had conversation with veteran chef Vikram of Guppy by Ai, Naina from Bistros and discussed the familiarities and expertise regarding their domain of food cuisines. We witnessed an overly crowded place on Sunday (30th November 2014, last day of Palate fest) evening because of the weekend and had to stand in long queues to get the food. At some places food were sold out or left with few options which were disappointing. Many people were complaining about lack of the proper seating arrangements, parking and other stuff,  but one thing was hit among everybody which was the food . Foodies walking around holding beer, sitting/rested on the grass with their family, kids and friends. It was truly a mesmerizing, relaxing and fun sight to watch. Among the plentiful of delicacies, we tried out following items and loved them -

Labanese Food at Habibi

Kunafa (cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup)
Lamb Shawarma
Four Seasons (Flat Labanese bread topped with seasonal vegetables)
Mouhalabiya (Lebanese Milk Pudding with sugar and rose water)


Quarter Chicken with Juju spice

Khaan Chacha 

Chicken Tikka Roll

Indissin Cup Noodles

Monchow and Chicken flavours

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Tex mex Fiesta (Savoury)
Mellow Marshmallo (Sweet)


Red Velvett Cake with Cheese Cream

One of the greatest part of this fest was reasonably priced food and the other was Live music.

Organizers of Palate Fest 2014 made an ingenious effort to make this Food Festival a phenomenal event. It is worth the mention that this fest had facility of Medical center, Lost and Found Center, Kids Zone etc.. Though omission of washrooms and Drinking water was uncomfortable and revealed that the event organizers were not prepared or might not have expected such a big crowd, but I still feel it was worth visiting the place and enjoyed one of the biggest international level food festival in Delhi. Hoping to see more of such events in Delhi and all over India as we are a country of diversity and welcome each man-kind with open hands!

sucre, pastry, delhi, food festival
Sucre - delight for pastires
sakae sushi, japanese food, asian food, authentic
Sakae Sushi - Authentic, Healthy Japanese and Pan Asian Cuisine

sucre, bakery, pastries, pastrym food festival, food
Beautifully decorated Cookies n cakes at Sucre

chef kunal kapoor, segway, food festival
Chef Kunal Kapoor enjoying segway ride

Innovative presentation of art, made of used tins

japanese, cuisines, guppy by ai, food festival
guppy by ai outlet at palate fest

bistros, olive bar and kitchen, food festival, Palate Fest 2014
Bistro's part of olive bar n kitchen

Seating at Olive Bar and Kitchen
Chnadrima Aggarwal Founder/Owner Sakae Sushi

L-R: Chef Vikram Khatri/guppybyai, Naina/Founder of Olive Bistros, Chef Sujan Sarkar/Chef Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mohit/Sodabottleopenerwala
L-R: Chef Vikram Khatri/Guppybyai , Naina/ Founder of Olive Bistro, Chef Sujan Sarkar/Olive Bar and The Kitchen, Mohit/SodaBottl - See more at: http://www.shoppingstylenus.com/2014/12/what-i-wore-to-palate-fest-2014-and-people-i-met.html#sthash.Zg8YaYFM.dpuf

tres, chicken with juju spice
Quarter Chicken with juju spice at Tres

Palate Fest 2014, live music, food festival, entertainment
Live Music at Palate Fest 2014

Palate Fest 2014, kylin, Thai food
Thai Food inside the Pan by Kylin
habibi, kunafa, lebanese food, desserts
Kunafa at Habibi

Palate Fest 2014, shawarma, food festival
Lamb Shawarma accompanied bu French Fries and Hummus (kind of dip)

Palate Fest 2014, shawarma, habibi, food festival, lamb
Lamb Shawarma at Habibi

Palate Fest 2014, food festival, kunafa, habibi, shawarma
Jiya posing and about to eat habibi's kunafa and lamb Shawarma

chicken shawarma, Palate Fest 2014, chicken
Chicken Shawarma

lamb shawarma, Palate Fest 2014
Lam Shawarma

Palate Fest 2014m, drool, waffles, tex mex fiesta
Tex Mex Fiesta at Drool

marsh mellows, Palate Fest 2014, food festival, waffles, drool
Fresh Waffles at Drool, Marsh mellows in above picture

Monicas puddings and pies, Palate Fest 2014, food festival, food, bakery

Cakes, Pastry, Palate Fest 2014, food festival

Juice up, Palate Fest 2014, food festival
Juice Up, they claimed it as fresh fruit Juices. Melon, Pinapple, lichi amongst few available flavor

Kylin, Thai food, food festival, palate fest

habibi, palate fest, lebanese food
Four seasons Veg at Habibi

habibi, mouhalabiya, food festival, lebanese food
Mouhalabiya at Habibi

kylin, palate fest 2014, fest, food festival, Delhi, thai food, cuisine
I'd like to conclude this post by saying that when you become a part of food, music and art you see how people from different races, communities and strangers become one face, one voice- that is when you feel there is no place for hatred but love and acceptance...

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