Dunkin Donuts Signature Store at Connaught Place Just Got A Makeover And More!

On 09th Dec 2014, Dunkin' Donuts Relaunched at their Renovated Brand new CP Store. They claimed it to be the Signature Store and exhibits the flawed thinking and wickedness that goes into creating one of their best selling food items like  "It's a Mistake" "Tough Guy" "Naughty Lucy" and many more from their Menu. Dunkin Donuts primarily known for its wide ranges of Donuts and Coffee, seems to be flourishing and expanding its menu offering Burgers, Sandwiches, Wrap, Salads, Bites and Beverages. This workshop featured some of the finest best sellers DD has. 

Naughty Lucy burger, We found it one of the perfect burgers around, filled with melted-cheese chicken/veg patty with raw green mango, fresh veggies, chipotle sauce and Soft hand made buns. I like the spicy and tangy flavor it had, patty was crispy and full of flavors.

Heaven Can Wait, not just another burger. The Red paprica was used in red spicy chicken patty along with Artisana bread, creamy chilli mayo and cheesy jalapeno sauce. It was a complete delight and for me this much of spice in a burger not something very common, so i enjoyed this burger.

Tough Guy Burger, a masculine, flawed burger with rugged bagel buns stuffed with chunky, spicy mexican chorizo patty and a blazing mustard sauce. It has a secret authentic sauce, salad sauteed of lettuce green, bell peppers. I have always liked the big size burgers and this tough guy is capable of giving you the immense satisfaction when you are craving for food. So, this will stand always on top of my list for burgers. 

Not So Wicked Wrap - Veg. Prepared using multigrain tortilla base loaded with cottage cheese, yogurt, veggies, aromatic spices and tangy mango chutney and crispy Mexican nachos. To me not so wicked wrap is one of their wrap with perfect balance of the stuff added into it. You would not feel anything more or less out of the taste. I have tasted the wicked wrap non veg, and believe me its marinated saucy spicy chicken will take you to a fiery ride full of flavors and spices. I would recommend this wrap to those who liked to feel the heat while eat ;)

Now to accompany the burgers and wraps, you must be thinking of ordering some of the beverages too. Dunkin Donuts offers you again a wide ranges of beverages starting from Coffee, Dunkaccino, Coolattas, Mikshake/Smoothies and Iced Tea. 
Spiked Iced Tea on the front on above pic, brewed up with sweet and exotic spices.If you are coming to DD and wish to try the Iced tea, must go for this. I enjoyed the aromatic flavor of spices with every sip of it. It was rejuvenating stuff for  me. Iced Green Tea is a Green tea blended with lemongrass and ginger. Too sweet and boring for me, not of my taste.

Dunkaccino -  Jamaican Rum and Almonds, a cold coffee made with Espresso Coffee Beans with some rum syrup and sprinkled with almond on top of creamy whipped cream. This came out as complete astonishing thing for me at DD. Never expected it to be such fine and classy with its taste. This has become my favorite thing in DD. Dunkaccino is one of the best cold coffee in the world and the above version truly satisfies that. I also tried Classic Cold coffee and must admit that it was just an ordinary cold coffee, disappointing to me. Go and try out other version of Dunkaccino as they looks pretty impressive to me.

Stirr’accino Layer of original secret blend of light roast Arabica beans for a flavourful coffee experience, topped with espresso shot of dark roast Arabica beans for a strong coffee experience. Idea is to have nice morning coffee with aroma.

We cannot think Dunkin Donuts without the Doughnuts. And its is identified with some of the notorious donuts available around the world. 
It's a mistake, one of the best selling doughnut in DD. With Caramel Spreaded all over and placed with a guava jelly on the top.
Ugly Strawberry, a treat for the ones who like the favor of strawberry, no one would regret after having it.
Donuts Fair above
More Donuts

Dunkin Donuts India, Donuts, Connaught Place
Chef Felix Talks About The Spiked Iced Tea in DD
Dunkin Donuts India, Donuts, Bagel Bread, Bunss, Connaugh Place
Bagel Bread and Brute Scar Buns

Dunkin Donuts India, Connaught Place, Workshop, Culinary
Food Enthusiasts - Happy Faces

Dunkin Donuts India, Coffee, Beans, Connaught Place
Original Dunkin Coffee Beans

Dunkin Donuts India, ingredients, spices, donuts, coffee
All ingredients used in the Secret recipes in DD
                     Pictures Below - Interiors of the Renovated CP Signature Store

Dunkin Donuts India, Interiors, CP Store
Upstairs at DD, nice corner to sit and enjoy some great Delicacies

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, Interiors
Ample of seatings and ambiance is mesmerising

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, Interiors
Keep Reading it!!

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, Interiors
Thinking behind the Dunkin Donuts ;)

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, Interiors
Frames Lying near the Staircase - adds another attraction to this place

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, Interiors
Lamps, important part of the interiors

Pictures Below - Behind the Scenes

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, Interiors, kitchen

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, Interiors, kitchen

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, kitchen

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, kitchen

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, kitchen

Dunkin Donuts India, CP Store, Chefs, Chef Felix, Chef Peter
L-R: Chef Peter (Food), Chef Felix (Beverages) Experts making sure we loved each bite of what they cook

Donuts, Connaught Place, Dunkin Donuts India

Dunkin Donuts India, CP, Donuts
Donuts with Indian touch

Dunkin Donuts India, Donuts, Shells, connaught place, Hug me
Hug Me
Dunkin Donuts India, Donuts, Death by Chocolate
Death by Chocolate - Absolute Devine

Dunkin Donuts India, Connaugh place, donuts, strawberry
DD Rings Donuts - Ugly Strawberry and Cookie CartWheel

Dunkin Donuts India, Dunkin Donuts CP, connaught Place, Coffee, Stir Acino
Stir A'cino Coffee

Dunkin Donuts India, Dunkin Donuts CP. Connaught Place, Donuts, Salami, chicken, Tough Guy Burger
Chicken Salami used in Tough Guy Burger

Dunkin Donuts at Connaught Place is officially going to open for all the customer on 13th December 2014 and be there early morning to avail special offers and win free gifts like CP Love T-Shirts, Mugs and 365 discounted coupons booklet.
Dunkin Donuts India, Dunkin Donuts CP, connaught place, Donuts
DD CP Love Mugs

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