All New Amrik Sukhdev, Murthal

Hari Mirch Parantha, Cholle bhature, Mix Pakoras and Aaloo Poori
Amrik Sukhdev is the new face of our old famous Sukhdev da dhaba. It doesn't look like a dhaba anymore, but trust me guys the food quality and taste is still the same, oh yes prices have slightly gone up but you wouldn't mind with the quality and comfort they are offering. It has drastically increased the space, so now more space to sit in. Amrik Sukhdev has got three seating areas in which one is air-conditioned (feels like a restaurant), a non-air-conditoned area and open seating area. Also, you can find rooms to stay so this is another addition to this place. Their main motive is to give a comfortable halt to the travelers

When it comes to food, it has got everything to offer starting from the typical tandoor paranthas, pakoras, north indian, south indian and Chinese. The Paranthas are tandoori and get served along with chunk of white homemade butter on top of it and certainly a delight for all people who are fond of lots of butter and you can trust this place for the butter as they serve fresh homemade butter, you can get it packed as well if you want which will cost you around 300 to 350 per Kg. Murthal is a place where we have been visiting for last 3 years now and most of the visits were only to have paranthas. It is located on the Delhi-Karnal highway, roughly around 50-60 kms from Delhi bypass. Drive to Murthal is smooth and pleasant, you wouldn't regret while driving on this highway.

The new look of Sukhdev from outside, interior space, restrooms
Cakes, pastries, Halwa, Jalebis, Aachar and many more options to buy
 Pyaaz Parantha, Hari Mirch Parantha, Aaloo Pyaaz parantha, Paneer Parantha and Gobhi Parantha, Aaloo poori and Chole bhautre are amongst the favourite picks here. If you are looking for something spicy and different in paranthas, then Mirch parantha and Mix parantha should be the one recommended to try. It is stuffed with green chillies and mix daal and definitely gives you a new option. Aaloo and pyaz paranthas are my favourite one, I found the Paneer parantha too heavy and not preferred as it might stop your hunger ride. Aloo Poori accompanied with suzi/daal halwa is fabulous, you get 4 poories and spicy aalo bhaji with sweet halwa which makes it a must try variety. Chole bhature is also highly recommended and believe me you wouldn't find it very heavy at all. Overall food quality is very good and doesn't make you feel overstuffed. This is the best part to have food here and the main reason behind this can be the fresh and quality food served here. Don't forget to take tea at Sukhdev Da Dhaba becase it's so refreshingly superb. Lassi is another drink that can be tried but only if you have some space left in your belly.

 The above pictures reflect that the old famous Sukhdev ka dhaaba has changed in every sense according to the time, but still trying to maintain the typical taste and offerings as per the legacy. I liked the new Amrik Sukhdev as it has now more options for the customers and really make it worth visiting this place. Now moving ahead and lets talk about their service. Keeping in mind the fact that people come here to get a quick meal/refreshment and get continue with their journey. So, service is very quick and prompt, within minutes you will start getting your ordered meal on the tables and what more a hungry person wants if the food is served within  minutes.



Food: Very good
Ambiance: Air conditioned and Normal
Service : Very Good
Rating: 4/5
Next Visit: anytime
Recommend this place: Yes, absolutely! because of makkhan (butter).
Tips: Must try - mirch parantha, aaloo poori, daal halwa and tea :)


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  1. Worst food ever tried on 31st Dec.
    COld half cooked paranthas. Tasteless thaili. Unhelpful lackadasical attitude.

    Place worth only to take a leak in well maintained washrooms.