Dragon Noodles at Windsor street indirapuram, Ghazaiabad

dragon noodles
Entrance and outdoor sitting
Dragon Noodles, Windsor Street Indirapuram Ghaziabad is a small eating point but still can offers plenty of options on your plate. It is a Chinese restaurant only, so no options for non Chinese food lovers, but if tried you will not regret for sure. Dragon Noodles is located at Windsor Street in Indirapuram which is now a days growing with its popularity and nature of offerings plenty of eating points on a single place. I personally started liking this place because of plenty of options to choose from. Dragon Noodles is amongst them, which offers some good variety of authentic Chinese food but with lesser price as compared to other big restaurants. The Price range is quite less for what they serve but you will feel the tiny difference with the taste and quality if compared to other restaurants. We were quite impressed with the variety listed in the menu and got excited to start our food hunt for that day. Let's talk about the space before we review the food, most eating joints at Windsor Street are having outdoor sitting and it goes same with the Dragon noodles as well but they have air conditioned indoor sitting arrangement for around 16 people on the second floor. Interiors are very simple as you can expect from just an  eating point but quite decent enough to enjoy your food. On Weekends you might find it difficult to get a space inside. I was lucky this time and found the entire place empty.

Sitting on the fist floor

 The main attraction of this place is the food and they really have some good food items listed/available to choose from. My Order included Ice Tea, Drums of heaven and Veg Spring Rolls Beijing Style for the starters and Deep Fried Sliced Fish with sweet and sour sauce along with Garlic Steam Rice in the main course. I found spring rolls the very same look and taste which we might experienced in most of the places, but still average in taste..not sure why did they mentioned Beijing style. Drums of heavens again not something impressive, but the chicken was fresh and properly cooked with little bit of crunchiness. They serve Deep Fried Sliced Fish with two different sauces, one is sweet and sour and another is black pepper, because we opted for the sweeter version of it so it was a blend of baasa fish, capsicum, onions, garlic and sprinkled spring onions with sweet and sour gravy. Fish was very soft and fresh as it should be else you cannot enjoy it. We enjoyed it along with the steamed rice sprinkled with fried garlic on top of it.

fried fish chich drumsticks spring roll
Clock wise: Ice Tea, Fried Fish in sweet and sour sauce, Chicken drumsticks, Sprill rolls beijing style

Despite of a small restaurant, the service was good enough, our server was very attentive and polite....might because there were no other customer at the point but still you can feel or analyze that easily. We found this place as a good option to enjoy some quick Chinese delicacies with plenty of variety near to my place. Not exceptional in terms of the food, but still fair enough to try Chinese out here. You would certainly will get impressed with their range of options.




Food: above average
Ambiance: Air conditioned and Normal
Service : Good
Rating: 3/5
Next Visit: any day short trip is possible
Recommend this place: Yes, reasonable price.
Tips: Chicken sizzler and any thing you want ;)

Thanks for Reading it, have a enjoyable food experience ;)



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