Experience With Burgers At Hard Rock Cafe

 Hard Rock Cafe, DLF Mall Saket, New Delhi

Hard Rock Cafe a famous chain of theme restaurants founded in 1971 by Americans. This is the second time I visited Hard Rock Cafe. My earlier visit was just to go and meet some friends and then back to some other place for dinner. I was impressed with the space and ambiance at that time and wanted to visit this place sooner. It happened this Sunday, because my wife had some work in saket and there i decided to check out Hard Rock Cafe for fOOD aur mOOD.

                                                                        I have read somewhere that hard rock cafe is famous for their burgers and sandwiches. So, it was pre-decided for me to try out the burger and i did order the Legendry 10 OZ Chicken burger (Rs.435/-) along with a special Cocktail as per the staff GG Screwdriver (Rs.500/-). My Wife decided to try Cobb Salad with chicken and bacon (Rs 265/-) and Berrilicious (Rs. 210/-) a mocktail.

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Now coming to the taste straight away , i didn't like the chicken burger, It has a thick layer of chicken and some half cooked vegetable in it, served with mayonnaise and french fries. The presentation was just OK, nothing else. My GG screwdriver was another stuff which disappointed me, it was only a Orange juice and soda mixed in it...thats it! My wife was also not much impressed with the Cobb salad too. Though berrilicious was a nice drink as per her. We both ended up with a bit of disappointment in terms of food. It might because of the American taste or whatever, but it seriously didn't hit our taste buds. They might have something else to rock which they are famous for and i would like to go hard rock cafe again to try that!!

cobb salad, chicken, bacon, food aur mood, varun saklani
                                                          Cobb Salad with chicken and bacon

If we talk about their ambiance and interiors, you would come up saying "wonderfull". I like the ambiance personally and managed to capture some of the places you would like in hard rock cafe.

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hard rock cafe

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Indeed we had the fOOD which didn't changes our mOOD!!

Now, time to rate Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi!!

Food: Average
Ambiance: Wonderful
Rating: 7/10
Next Visit: Very Soon, to try something else.
Recommend this place: Yes and please try their burger, because they are famous for it!

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  1. Nice, been planning to go there for a long time. Your photos look tempting enough.

    1. Thanks for your comments. You would certainly like this place. Try it soon and hope you will have good time :)