Chi kitchen & bar in Select City Walk, Saket

Me and my wife were out for shopping in Select City Walk and by the end of her shopping streak, we both were hungry and was thinking of what to eat and where to eat. Into this discussion we came across to this place and that too Chinese..we both looked at each other agreed and entered the place. It is a Chinese Thai Resto bar which looks very small from entrance, but actually not that small when you entered it.

There are two sections in this place. One is when you entered it, 3-4 tables are on your left and the same pn the right but for the couple, in between a passage towards Bar area which is the second section of this Restobar.

The interior and ambiance gives an instant nice impression of the place. If visiting this place for the first time don't judge it with the overall space. The moment you enter, someone from the staff would greet and help you to look for a table of your choice, but only if any space left out. I like the Menu, though a bit tricky to open as per my wife ;) and there you go, they have ample of variety to offer start from Lobster, prawn, chicken, dim-sums till Pizzazs. Good variety of Liquor or mock tails to serve, but i personally avoided it cuz of the recent over consumption of alcohol during New Year Party.

Keeping in mind, our maiden visit at Chi, we ended up ordering Crispy Garlic butter prawn (Rs 375/-), Mandarin Noodles Veg (Rs 200/-) and two Coke (Rs 210/-). While waiting for our food to come, i actually borrowed couple of min from my wife and took some pictures of the place for you guys. Here comes our food. I liked the way noodles being served in a Pan, but was a bit disappointed after looking at the quantity of Prawns, but guys believe my words..it was mouth watering and we cannot wait to start eating it, as the food looks it was delicious too, a true chinese flavor..wow..and we were very much into enjoying it for next 15-20 mins.

Staff people out here are attentive and very kind. Chi offers a good variety of Chinese and Thai food which one can try and enjoy. Me and my wife are both fond of Chinese food and personally loved the taste of the food we had. Me and my wife below <3

This is the Bar area of the Chi, which is in the second section of the restaurant and infact more spacious then the entrance section. You can see people out from here shopping and walking while enjoying your meal coz the restaurant's area ends here with a big wall of Glass.

The picture down here actually shows one of the section which might gather your attention because of Chi's various avatars pictures are pasted on the wall. Mr Chi looks cool in all these drawings...

A table for two, you can see the kitchen out from here..and can catch the style of cooking chinese or thai food..lol..only if interested in cooking Or not talking to your partner ;)

Indeed we had fOOD which certainly made our mOOD!!

Now, time to rate Chi Restaurant and Bar!!

Food: Very Good
Ambiance: Very Nice
Rating: 7/10
Next Visit: When started missing good Chinese food.
Recommend this place: Must Visit Place, for Chinese food lovers!


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