Food Fair at Chowki Dhaani - Jaipur

I heard a lot about this place and unfortunately skipped it in the last two visits. But, this time we planned to visit Chowki Dhaani and experience the very much celebrated village, known to be popular for their food and hospitality. Chowki Dhani offers pure traditional and authentic Rajasthani food. You'll have two options to choose from, one was for Rs.700 and other was a Royal Thali worth Rs.900 per person. The only difference was that later will be served giving you some royal treatment and providing you a sitting in a closed separate restaurant and serving additional food like Paneer, Mix Vegetables and couple of more. But to me if you intend to try out basic Rajasthani food only, then take Thali for worth Rs. 700. It's an area turned into a village spreaded across acres of land, which is full of traditional amenities and culture. The emotions behind the theme is simply to present the Rajasthani culture and showcase their majestic traditions in terms of folk and the food.

Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani
Some of the food items you will get in chowki dhaani. There is lots more, couldn't accommodate everything on a single plate.

Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani
Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani

Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani

Welcome Drink, It is a salty drink made up of butter milk. You will get three different places to go and have your food. One with chairs and tables and the other two has floor sittings typically seen in villages. All of them are open air except the one for Royal Thali. 
                                                 This was the one with Chairs and Tables, you need to give coupons to get an empty thali and then you can walk over to have food of your choices. Basically a buffet system. You will find waiters holding big trays with bowls of rice and other food items, so need not to worry when refilling of food will be required.
                                  Now this is the place if you are in the mood to enjoy your food while sitting on the floor. The good part is that you will be sitting and eating here, no self service here, just sit down and let them serve you the food and trust me they are superb in this format. Padharo maare desh.

Chowki Dhaani, Salad
Vegetable Salad, don't go for it as it will only occupy unwanted space in your thali.

Green Pudina and coriander Chutney
chowki dhaani, food
Rajasthani Food, Chowki Dhaani
Gatta Curry Sabzi, amongst the popular food item in Rajasthan..made up of Corn flour.

Rajasthani Food at Chowki Dhani
Steam Rice
Starting from the left - Chana Daal, Gutta Curry, Baati Churma, Kadhi, Gutta Curry again and Makki ki Roti.
You will get plenty of food variety in chowki dhaani. The buffet includes Daal Baati Choorma, Sarso ka Saag, Gutta Curry, Kadhi, Aaloo pyaaz sabzi, khichri with boora (brown sugar powder) and deshi  ghee, Rice, Maaki ki Roti, Baajre ki Roti, Aate ki Roti, Aachar, Chutney, Vegetable Salad and in the desserts you will have halwa. All above food items are amazingly delicious and each bite of them is divine. If you have really tasted food in the villages and are aware of the simplicity and purity of the food, then you might feel or taste the same. To me each same sip or bite of it was divine. We didn't eat anything for the whole day just to keep ours belly empty to eat all the delicacies in chowki Dhaani and we simply loved everything about the food. I couldn't stop my self sipping the daal, kadhi and gatta curry subzi. Halwa was incredibly delicious made up of moong daal, nariyal and pure desi ghee. It was like a complete food fair for me where we enjoyed the aromatic and lip smacking flovors of the Rajasthani Food.


Food: Excellent
Ambiance: very soothing and dim lights, Open Air.
Service : Excellent
Rating: 4.5/5
Next Visit: Will be visiting again soon
Recommend this place: Yes, for authentic rajasthani food and enjoy the Folk music and dance.
Tips: Opt the place with floor seating, if want to enjoy the food in a traditional village style.

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