Alluring Experience @ Keya-Kainoosh, DLF Promenade Vasant Kunj

Thai Red Curry with Rice
Thai Red Curry
Keya-Kainoosh is from the Master Chef Marut Sikka and according to them "The first Indian restaurant that brings about a confluence between traditional India and Modern India". I actually wanted to visit Smoked House Deli, but I had to wait for 15-20 mins to get a table inside. So, we decided to look around for some other restaurants and this when came across to Keya-Kainoosh. We were greeted by a charming maitre de from the front desk, who assisted us with finding a suitable table inside. The ambiance and interiors are seriously something to talk about. The interiors are stunning with flower patterns on the wall and a dark reflected ceiling. An illuminated triangle shaped bar is set up in the middle and with seating section on both the sides. Another thing to like about is the comfortable high rise bar stools/chairs instead of very common cushioned chairs or sofas. With music loudly playing on the western beats, this restaurant is a visual delight and instantly it changes my mood even without eating the food. They have a pretty big outdoor section as well, where you can enjoy the flavored Hookahs ;) but I preferred to sit inside because of the hot and humid weather that day. Unfortunately, nothing to show you in terms of the restaurant's interiors, because I came to know that taking pictures are not allowed inside the restaurant.

Black and green olives
Black and Green Olives Served with the Cocktail

Cosmopolitan, a cocktail
As soon we got settled, we were attended by the staff member in a real quick time with menus and a welcoming smile on his face. I found North Indian, Lebanese, Thai dishes amongst the cuisines they offer. The Cocktail part is divided into Classic and Signature, offering some new and interesting cocktails like Aam pannas, Santri, India Pink, Bubblicious Daiquiri and some more in the later part. There is something more for the Wine lovers, as you can get a bottle of wine or even a glass of it from their impressive wide variety of wine collection, not sure if it happens in most of other restaurants. I eventually, opted to sip Cosmopolitan (Rs. 425) and to accompany it a Cold Coffee with Ice Cream for the lady (Rs.140), Chilly Fish (Rs. 345) and Thai Red Curry with Chicken, steamed rice, spicy salsa & wok tossed vegetables (Rs.525). 

Cold Coffee with Ice Cream
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream

Now lets talk about the food, one word to describe the cocktail i.e "Nice". But the Chilly Fish is really the best one I ever had in the recent past. It was very soft yet crispy, ultra fresh, spicy, sweet and sour, exactly the flavor which my wife wanted to have. Thai Red Curry is again good in terms of the authentic Thai flavor, but still somehow didn't find it that amazing enough to hit our taste buds or might be a bad choice or selection for that time. Cold coffee was also good. We thoroughly enjoyed our food over there and would definitely like to try some other delicacies, Pizzas and Hookah in our next visit. Nevertheless, I do feel that one can surely enjoy the tasty and delightful food out here. They'd really score good in terms of food and the service. Their service is super awesome as they bring you the food in max 7-8 minutes. And at last not to forget the enormous efforts they have put towards the decor.

Chilly Fish

Thai Red Curry with Rice
Thai Red Curry

A portion of Chilly Fish
A Portion of Chilly Fish

Certainly, we had the fOOD which changed our mOOD!!
Now, time to rate this place :)

Food: Very Good
Ambiance:  Excellent
Rating: 3.5/5
Next Visit: Yes
Recommend this place: Yes
Tips: Must try their Signature cocktails and if visiting during good weather conditions, get a table in the outdoor section. Happy hours till 8PM. And certainly not a place for someone who is looking for a peaceful and lightened dinner with Family and kids.

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  1. Hey, I am a fan of Marut Sikka since his days on TV in Lock, Stock and two Smoking tikkas. Always wanted to go to one of his restaurants but the only deterrent being kids not allowed! I am a person who enjoys with my whole family. Still a little wait for me :) Thanks for the share.