AL-Jawahar Restaurant

Last Saturday i went to Jama Masjid along with my friend to buy crackers/fireworks for his marriage. And we utilized the time and thought to enjoy the food in karims, but at last moment we decided to go to AL- Jawahar (next to karims hotel, jama masjid ) as we never been to this restaurant ever. After having food in Al-Jawahar, I cannot compare the taste with Karims. This place is just an ordinary muslim dhaba with typical items list and taste. We had chicken kabab, Mutton Korma, Chicken Jehangiri and Tandoori roti..and for all dishes we got an ordinary taste.

Initially, we ordered Mutton korma, chicken kebab and roti and we got the food on our table in couple of minutes, but later we ended up ordering chicken jehangiri which took almost 15-20 mins to get served which was very annoying. I would not prefer anyone to avoid Karims over Al-Jawahar if visiting Jama Masjid/Old delhi. Here are some pics of the food we had.

Indeed, we had our fOOD which didn't changes our mOOD :(

                                                                    Chicken Kebabs (rs 42 per piece)

                                                        Mutton Korma (rs 270 full), poor quantity

                                        Tandoori Roti (rs 8 per peice), very nice and soft rotis

                                                     Chicken Jehangiri (rs 140 half)

                                                      Al-Jawahar from entrance

Now the turn rate this place according to me:

Food: Below Average
Ambience: Below Average
Rating: 2/10
Next Visit: I don't think so

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